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.COM.EG is the ideal extension to identify all the realities in Egypt

Registering a .COM.EG domain is an effective way to protect your online identity in Egypt and in the world.

.com.eg domain registration. Protect your name in Egypt!



Country code second level domain (ccSLD)

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Middle East

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Requirements for the .com.eg extension

  • LOCAL PRESENCE required in the country
  • LOCAL PRESENCE service available
  • Homonymy with the domain name required
  • Registered trademark required.
  • Maximum years of registration: 5
  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 2 characters and a maximum of 22 characters excluding the tld length

.com.eg domain registration rules - Egypt

To register a .com.eg domain, you must have a valid trademark registered in Egypt or have a company with at least 15 years of activity in Egypt.

Companies or organizations that are not based in Egypt can also register a .com.eg domain, provided they have a local presence in Egypt. If the client does not have one, Dominiando can provide the local presence service.

The registration procedure is complex as it is necessary to go to the embassy or consulate for the authenticating of the documents to be sent to the competent authorities (procedure here does not include cost).
In particular, the documents required for registering a .com.eg domain are:

  • "power of attorney" (letter of appointment) legalised at the Egyptian Consulate in the applicant's country and the original copy must be sent to Dominiando;
  • commercial register copy or any other commercial reference;
  • request letter signed and stamped by the applicant and addressed to the Egyptian domain office with which the applicant authorises the registration of that domain name;
  • copy of the trademark registration certificate filed with the Egyptian trademark or designated Egyptian WIPO.

it is forbidden to use domain names that are related to gambling, alcoholic beverages, adult content and in general anything that is against Islamic law or that can offend religious, traditional or moral ethics.

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